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Influenza (“Flu”) is a contagious disease that spreads around the United States every year between October and May. Flu is caused by influenza viruses, and is spread mainly by coughing, sneezing, and close contact. Flu strikes suddenly and can last several days. Symptoms like: Fever/chills, sore throat, muscle aches, fatigue, cough, headache, and runny or stuffy nose. Flu can lead to pneumonia and blood infections and each year, thousands of people in the United States die from the Flu. Infants, young children, people over 65 years of age and older, pregnant women, and people with certain health conditions are at risk.
Fun Facts You Want To Know About Getting A Flu Shot

  • Flu virus can service on surfaces particularly hard surfaces from 2 to 8 hours (e.g. countertops)
  • Flu itself is constantly mutating. Each year 3 or 4 strains are identified before vaccine development begins
  • You can get your flu diagnosis in just minutes using Alere I, medical device using a simple nasal swab

  • Benefits of Getting A Flu Shot

  • Keep you from getting flu
  • Make flu less severe if you do get it
  • Keep you from spreading flu to your family and your loved ones

At La Rx, we have certified and trained pharmacists who can provide immunizations 5 days a week. You can stop by anytime during our business hours without appointments and fill your medications and get a flu shot right away. Our pharmacy can provide the flu shot as quick as minutes in and out the door, no long line waiting and no appointments necessary.


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