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Prescription Reviews & Management

“Have I taken my medication today?” and “What are the side effects of this medication?”. These are the typical concerns that arise daily among the majority of patients. Also, some of the patients do not take their medications as directed by their doctor because they are forgetful, they are scared of unwanted side effects, the cost of the medications, and they are not sure if they need the medication or not. Being able to gather all your medications into a list, know which medicine to be taken in the morning, at noon or at night, know the common side effects, and know what each medication is use for. That is prescription review and management.

At La Rx, our pharmacist understands the struggle to manage daily medications and we can help you by reviewing all your medications and help you manage your medications better. We can sit down on a face-to-face discussion and review all the medications you have and educate you on how to take your medications properly, discuss possible side effects, and call your doctor for a cheaper alternative if the current medication is costly. Our pharmacy system software have a Med Sync option to where we can make sure all your medications will be fill at the same time every month. Our system will even notify your doctors a few days before your refill is about to run out so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of running out of your medications every time.

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